Here are some of the mattes/concept art which i did for sequence 1-4 of the epic-series "ROUNIN" of ABS-CBN. Mahilig ako mag-desaturate at mag-colorize ng compositions. It gives a different visual dimension which tends to give the scene more drama. In this particular sequence, Direk Erik Matti asked for an environment that would somehow complement to the actions being executed by each Rounin while being narrated. I did all mattes using Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Thief scene. In this scene, A first generation Rounin is after a thief who ran from the city to this abandoned area which for me, looks like a fine place for rodents to multiply.

Thief scene parin ito.

This was used for Rounin "TYRO" played by Juda Paolo.

This place may look like a street somewhere in Macau but believe me, this is still a scene from Rounin. This is the first shot for the sequence. This is my favorite. So true. So textured and old.

An officemate (and an idol of mine) needed a matte to open-up sequence 1-4. I came up with this.